Egg Donation

Egg Donation in IVF (invitro fertilization)

What is the The Donor Egg Program in IVF (In Vitro Fertilisation)?   

The donor egg procedure in IVF (In Vitro Fertilisation) brings new hope to women who cannot use their own eggs to become pregnant. Women are born with a lifetime’s supply of eggs and each month one or more eggs mature within the ovarian follicles and ovulate.

Some women experience reduced ovarian reserve or ovarian failure leading to infertility. (See Age and Ovarian Reserve). Egg quality declines as a natural consequence of the aging process culminating in the menopause. However, many women experience "egg related" declines in fertility at much younger ages.

Which women should go for Donor Eggs Program in IVF (In Vitro Fertilisation)?

Chiefly women try for egg donation cycles if they are of advanced age and their eggs, due to their age, are of poor quality and their chances of success in IVF are not very good. After using donor eggs, their chances of success in IVF become very good because of the young, good quality eggs. Other candidates for the donor egg program in IVF (In Vitro Fertilisation)are those who have
  1. Undergone cancer chemotherapy or high dose radiation
  2. Have premature ovarian failure
  3. Natural menopause
  4. Decreased ovarian reserve
  5. Decreased egg or embryo quality
  6. Multiple failed IVF cycles
  7. Prior bilateral oophorectomy (removal of ovaries)
  8. Unexplained infertility
  9. For prevention of genetic disease transmission when the women is a carrier of genetic defects.
What is the success rate for a Donor IVF (in vitro fertilization) program ?

When a donor's eggs are used, the IVF(invitro fertilisation) success rates correlate with the age of the egg donor. For example, if the eggs from a 22 yr old donor are used in an IVF(In Vitro Fertilisation)cycle with a 43 yr old woman, the IVF (invitro fertilisation) success rates will equal the 22 yr old age group. Success rates for IVF (invitro fertilisation)with egg donation are generally 10% greater than the average IVF pregnancy rates because the eggs come from young, fertile women.

Who are the women who will be donating their eggs for my IVF (invitro fertilisation) ?

Women, usually under age 26 and preferably with a history of prior pregnancy, are recruited to undergo ovarian stimulation and egg retrieval, after which they give up any rights to offspring created using their eggs. The donor eggs can then be fertilized in the IVF (invitro fertilisation) laboratory with the sperm from the male partner of the intended parents. Embryos thus created are then transferred to the uterus of the woman after appropriate hormonal preparation.

Why is Donor Egg Program in IVF (invitro fertilisation) becoming more common ?

The incidence of female infertility has increased over the last several years primarily due to changes in “lifestyle”. Women are often marrying at much older ages and delaying childbirth until their careers are established. There is a direct correlation between advancing female age and infertility.

Can Donor eggs in IVF (invitro fertilisation) be used by women of any age ?

Donor eggs can be used in women of any age; however, most donor IVF (invitro fertilisation)programs have a maximum age for recipients. Successful pregnancies have been reported for women in their fifties using donor eggs. There is no biological limit to the recipient female’s age as long as she is free of serious disease and her uterus is healthy, however there is data to suggest that pregnancy rates in IVF (invitro fertilisation) start to decrease after the age of 50.

Letters to Dr. Richa Katiyar regarding Donor Egg IVF.

Hi Dr Richa,

Our 1st IVF cycle failed due to High FSH level. Dr suggested us to go with donor egg.

Let me send you all the details regarding IVF treatment what we did as of today..... Please let me know If we can discuss over Skype/phone.

1. Endometriosis Diagnosis in India
Sept 2010 during some general check-up my wife Kamini was 1st time diagnosed with Endometriosis. She continued her treatment in Chennai and 2 cysts were removed from both ovary. She was also diagnosed with Thyroid.

2. Treatment in Dubai-Oct 2010 we came here for JOB transfer. We planned for baby and Dr suggest to have IVF as normal pregnancy rate was low for my wife due to Endometriosis.
Before starting IVF cycle I again change project and shifted to USA. So started 1st IVF cycle in Vegas

3. IVF Cycle Started in Vegas Fertility Clinic
We started 1st IVF cycle but due to High FSH that was failed and our Dr suggested us to have 2nd cycle with Donor egg. You much be knowing Donor egg is costly in USA and that's why we want to come back to India to start 2nd IVF cycle with good quality donor egg.

4. We are back to India and Kamini's Reports shows submucosal anterior fibroid and pelvic endometrial tissues - Sept 2013

My queries

1) Looking at Kamini's report do you think she can take some medicine to keep FSH level down and start IVF without donor egg? ( As per DR she was taking highest doses of Folistim (350) and Manipure (75) to grow her eggs in 1st IVF cycle). What would be the process of removing the submucosal anterior fibroid Laparoscopicaly or Hysteroscopic ? submucosal anterior fibroid needs to be removed too?

2) Do you need details medication and reports of Kamini's (1st IVF cycle) ?

3) If 1st option is not possible, what would be the process for getting donor egg in India ?

4) How long we need to be there in India to have the 2nd IVF cycle ?

5) Please send me the plan and also I would like to have a Telephonic/Video (skype) conversation with you for further proceedings. Please let me know when we an have that.

Will be looking forward for your reply.

If Possible can we have Skype/Telephonic discussion with you ? Please let me know what would be the next step from our end. I would request you to go through all her reports and suggest us best options we have.

Hello Guest,

Sorry to learn that you and your wife are having difficulty in conceiving.
Once FSH becomes high, it is not possible to make it come down as it is an indicator of ovarian reserve which diminishes with age.

Her best chances are with egg donation IVF. These donor eggs will be fertilised with your sperms and the embryos formed will be transferred to her uterus which will be
prepared simultaneously.The fibroid per se does not need to be removed but the Endometrioma is definitely big and will need to be removed laparoscopically before the egg donation IVF. When the surgery will be done, then we might as well emove the subserous myoma.

So the treatment plan needs to be of multiple steps as follows:
1. Repeat TSH and show to Endo.
2. Laparoscopic endometrioma and fibroid removal and injection (GnRH agonist) to prevent any remnants from growing.
3. Donor egg IVF treatment to start 28 days after the injection.

You can call me any day at my cell no. 09810812189 at IST 9.30 to 10 pm.

Best Regards,
Dr Richa Katiyar

Dear Dr. Richa

Sending this with lot of hope after reading your website.
I am 46yrs(high age to wish for a child), once ICSI failed, once egg donation failed. I have regular periods. I wish to have a child earnestly, if possible by donor embryo transfer.
Can I get an appointment with you for consultation first.If possible, on this Saturday 28th Sept morning or afternoon.

Looking forward to your reply.

Best Regards

Dear Devika,

Sorry to learn that you are having difficulty in conceiving. I will be glad to see you on Saturday. Can you please call/ sms me on Friday at 09810812189 to confirm the time.

Feel free to contact me for further queries.

Best regards,
Dr Richa

Hello mam.

My wife have prob that she has not regular periods since teen age
she has small sized ovaries.....

Hello Rohit,

If your wife does not have normal periods and her ovaries are small, that means that she has premature ovarian faliure. She will benefit from egg donation IVF as it is possible that she does not have eggs of her own, Read more abut this at the link below:

You can call me at 09810812189 to make an appointment to meet me.

Dr. Richa

Hi Mam,

Me and my wife are living in Goa . We both have Thalassemia minor and are planing to have a child. I came to know one of the option is IVF. I just want to know what would be average cost of this procedure. I have lady(without thalassemia trait) who can donate her agg for us. By doing so our Baby will will not become thalassemia Major.

Another option is that, during 10th week of pregnancy unborn child's thalassemia checkup can be done. and if he found thalassemia then we can abort that...

So please assist if any other options is available for us or which is better. and what will be the cost. so that we can plan accordingly.
Thanking you.
Hello Mr.Joe Castallano,

Yes, we can do egg donation IVF for you. Then the child may be Thalasemia minor or normal.

If you want to go ahead with you own child naturally, then at around 10 to 11 weeks of pregnancy, you can get CVS test done at any big Hospital with a Genetic unit. You will need to enquire about the rates for this procedure there.

Feel free to contact me for further queries.

Best regards,
Dr Richa Katiyar

Dear Dr Richa

We are a couple who are looking for Egg donation treatment. We found you on the internet and it will be great to get further information so that we can plan it further for ourselves. Please can you explain a few things to help us plan things further :
The time frame it will involve.

How much notice do we need to give you before we arrive in Delhi.
Will it be possible for us to keep in touch with you via email for the initial communication and

process and reach in Delhi for the final stages of the treatment?

Just to give you a heads up, I am 36 yrs old and my husband is 47.We need this treatment as I have had premature ovarian failure. I am also on medication for thyroid and calcium for oestopenia. I am on HRT right now as my doctor has advised me to until we start the treatment for egg donation and IVF. Will you need me or my husband to have any tests done before we arrive in Delhi?

I would also like to say that at present we are rather confused about the treatment as we've been given different advise by different people, so if you could please explain the whole process that is required in my situation will be great. We will provide you the all the information that you may require.

Please feel free to email us if you need any further information from our
side. We look forward to hear from you soon.

Patricia Wells

Dear Patricia,
You are welcome to come to New Delhi for Donor Egg IVF.

The donor eggs will be fertilised with your husbands sperms and the embryos formed will be transferred to your uterus which will be prepared simultaneously.

You will need to be in Delhi for around 15 to 20 days.

Read more about Egg Donation IVF at the link below:

Total duration of stay is between 14 to 20 days.

Blood test, Beta HCG is done on day 12 after embryo transfer to confirm the pregnancy.

Would you like to see some of our donors profiles and photographs?

I would like to see the following tests if they have been done or can be done in your country:

1. Husbands semen analysis.
2. Your Serum TSH report (thyroid)
3. Your USG - pelvis.

Success in donor egg IVF is very good and upto the tune of 70-75% as these donors are women of proven fertility.

Feel free to contact me for any further queries.

Best Regards,
Dr Richa Katiyar