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Get Pregnant

posted Dec 14, 2014, 10:36 PM by shailesh verma   [ updated Dec 15, 2014, 3:24 AM ]
Getting started, how to get pregnant.

Do I need to start taking any medicines so that I have a healthy pregnancy?

Yes, you need to start taking a vitamin called Folic acid (Folvite, Folinal etc.). This is a vitamin of the B group and is found in the non vegetarian sources of food. Studies hve found that Indian diets are always deficient in this vitamin

Are there any specific blood tests I need to get done before trying for pregnancy?

Yes, a couple of tests, to make sure all is well with your body, are a good idea before getting pregnant
Blood group of both the partnersespecially to ensure there is no Rh Incompatibility. This is when one partner has a positive and the other has a negative blood group. Difficulties (which are treatable) can happen if the lady has the negative blood group.

TSH (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone)The thyroid is an important hormone producing gland in the body. It is situated in the neck. Thyroid problems are very common, up to 3% of the population has some thyroid problems. Females who have thyroid abnormalities may have irregular periods, difficulties in conceiving, increased risk of losing the pregnancy if they become pregnant and higher chances of mental retardation in the baby. It is always good to know that thyroid levels are normal before trying for a pregnancy. This is a simple blood test, which has to be done on an empty stomach.

Blood Sugar needs to be checked if there is any past history of high blood sugars. High blood sugars, in early pregnancy lead to an increased risk of structural abnormalities in the baby.

Rubella status. Rubella is a viral disease that has few simple symptoms like fever, throat pain, and tiredness. It is easily treatable by simple medicines like Crocin. However, if Rubella happens to a lady who is pregnant, the virus travels into the uterus and infects the baby and can cause the baby to have severe eye, ear and heart problems. Fortunately, if a person has had Rubella in the past, she can never have it again.

This test is done to find out if the lady has had Rubella in the past. If she has had Rubella, then it is very good as she can never catch this infection again. If no, then it is a good idea to give the lady the Rubella Vaccine. This will immunize her and prevent her from contracting Rubella anytime in the future. The only caution is that she should not get pregnant for three months from the date of taking this vaccine as this is the time the vaccine takes to develop its effect in the body.

What are the other do’s and don’ts if I am planning to get pregnant during the next few months?

If you are planning to get pregnant in the next few months, you should
  • Stop drinking alcoholic drinks
  • Stop smoking
  • Ensure any anti wrinkle or anti aging cream you are using does not contain any Iso-tretinoic acid (this is an type of vitamin A which is very harmful for the baby, it is present in many such creams available in the market)

Can I continue to exercise/swim/ do yoga?

Yes, there is no problem in continuing to do mild exercises, swimming, cycling or yoga as is keeps the body fit and healthy. A fit and healthy body is able to get pregnant faster and is also more capable in having a healthy pregnancy.