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Conceiving after 16 years

posted Dec 5, 2014, 1:57 AM by shailesh verma
pregnancy after 16 years of marriage 

I got married at 23. We were not planning a pregnancy soon, and then aftr 4 years, my husband developed Chronic renal failure. Our thoughts were only of saving my husband. Finally, after years of dialysis, my husband underwent kidney transplant 3 years ago, which doctors said was successful. After 2 years, we decided to plan for a pregnancy when we realised that due to all the strong medicines he had been taking for the transplant, his sperm count had dropped to zero. We were very disappointed. That was when we met, by Gods grace, Dr. Richa, and she offered us the option of Donor Sperm IVF/ ICSI. We put all our faith in Dr. Richa and went ahead as she proposed, and i conceived in my first ICSI cycle.

Now I am three and a half months pregnant, and going strong. I have the utmost regard and repect fo Dr. Richa and i wish her and all her patients good luck.

Kanta, New Delhi

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