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Direct Dil Se

posted Dec 5, 2014, 2:05 AM by shailesh verma

“ Direct Dil se

My chance meeting with this most beautiful person is perhaps the work of the alchemist. I am a PCOS case. My painful miscarriage after an IUI conducted by a renowned practioner, in this field, who also runs her own hospital in South Delhi left me extremely nervous. The miscarriage was followed by telogen effluvion and all attempts towards motherhood abandoned.

Almost five months later it was during a chance visit to Dr. Richa's clinic, identified
through the yellow pages, that I was confirmed 4 months pregnant. Trust me there was tremendous anxiety as we found that the foetus was very small, no dietary, life style precautions taken. But Dr. Richa was in control from then on. She told me that all would be fine… main hoon na and miraculous it was. No extra medicines, hormones pumped in, routine check ups and tons of confidence and sensitivity including attending innumerable calls at odd hours.

She is truly amazing, her patience never ending, extreme confidence and positivity. Initially I was extremely skeptical as I found the doctor young, but she bears a midas touch. She also spent a good reassuring 12 hrs by my side during the labour. Her advice ranging from conception, pregranancy to parenting remains my bible.

My daughter is 5 yrs old now and she is the angel who made our parenthood possible. I will remain indebted to her for a lifetime. My intent in sharing is to spread the good word so that many may benefit the way we did….. you will be in the next best hands after Almighty. “