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It was a lucky day when I stumbled upon Dr. Richa's Profile

posted Dec 5, 2014, 2:27 AM by shailesh verma   [ updated Dec 10, 2014, 2:32 AM ]
I believe it was a very lucky day when I stumbled upon Dr. Richa's Profile on the web. At the very first meeting, she gave us hope and I immediately knew that I am in safe hands. There's not one or two, but many things that make her the best doctor, I've come across so far. She's accessible directly. Absolutely no phone operators or receptionists, you have her direct number. Just leave her a message and you will get an immediate reply. Whether it is about fixing an appointment or consulting. She'll remember every small detail about you. Trust me on this, I first met her 8 months ago and she still remembers the things we spoke about on our first meeting. Dr. Richa drafts the best possible treatment plans for her patients. I've met many doctors including a very renowned hospital chain in Gurgaon, associated with a Nobel Prize winner who told me that IVF with donor eggs was the only option for me. But, Dr. Richa drafted a treatment paln, where I benefited with just an IUI. The medicines that she prescribes are very easy on the pocket. My medical expenses went down by more than 50% as compared to my previous consultations with other specialists. She's got very gentle hands. She did my HSG herself and it was a piece of cake as compared to my previous HSG at a very renowned lab in Cannought Place (Delhi) where I cried out loud like a baby. The same is with TVS too. Unlike many renowned doctors, she won't leave you at the hands of junior doctors after jotting a treatment plan. She's available personally, everytime. You do not have to run to her clinic for every small thing. I share my reports with her over the phone at times and she'd suggest medicines accordingly. Never before I looked forward to my doctor appointments the way I do now. She fills me with such positivity. And if you don't trust me, you might trust the fact that she's been awarded "Global Indian of the Year" award. That justifies her contributions towards the cause.

Mona D
Nov 9, 2014