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Pregnancy without IVF

posted Dec 5, 2014, 1:58 AM by shailesh verma
IUI pregnancy 

I had been recommended to get IVF by my Doctors in Ghaziabad. then
i heard of Dr. Richa from a friend of my neighbours. It was a tall
order to stay in GZB and commute all that distance to see a Doc at the
other end of Delhi, still we thought it was worth a visit. It was
worth every paisa. Not only did the Doc give our problem (one sided
blocked tube and Hypothyroidism) sufficient attention, she suggested
we could try a few cycles of IUI after the Thyroid was normalised and
keep IVF as a last resort. I conceived in my second IUI and now my
child is 7 months, all thanks to her. No distance is too great to see
a good and kind Doctor.