Why Dr. Richa?

Dr. Richa knows that infertility is a very emotionally draining experience. At such a critical juncture of life, the couple wants to go to a Doctor who understands them as an individual couple and does not give them "run of the mill", standard cookie cutter treatment. Dr. Richa understands the emotional dilemmas of the patients and takes out the time to explain what treatment is required and why, the definite advantages of one treatment over the other, the need for the various investigations, and answers all questions of the patients painstakingly.

Dr. Richa likes to give personal attention to each and every patient and that is one reason she never takes more patients than she can accomodate. You will never be put in a batch with other women as every woman is different and each case unique.
Dr. Richa knows that success rate for IVF depends on several factors and that there is no single success rate which can be given for each patient. She will give to you, to the best of her assessment the cost and the success rate for each case so that there are no surprises later on.

Lastly, Dr Richa specialized in Obstetrics & Gynecology from one of the best Medical Colleges and has a decade of experience doing IVF, Surrogacy and ICSI cases.